No miracle for Teddy…just the landfill.

I had the pleasure of spending the with the volunteers from Animal Control in Columbus, GA.  These are people with hearts the size of Texas.  They spend every Saturday trying to save the animals our city throws away.  The dogs and cats of Columbus would have a much slimmer chance of walking out the doors of this facility if not for these dedicated animal lovers.  So today, I spent the day out at the adoption event giving the dogs treats and spending time with each one of them hoping and praying that they would find homes, as it had been made very clear there was no room at the shelter and the ones that were brought back today would surely be killed.  And so they day progressed, with this weighing heavily on the hearts and minds of all who were there to help.  Surprisingly enough the larger dogs were moving quickly.  First a pointer mix, then a border collie and a lab, a chihuahua and a cat or two.  Things were looking up and the thought of going back with empty crates, is by far the greatest hope of the folks that spend the time with these animals and network them, repost their pictures and scream from the rooftops to try to find them all homes.

Today there were 9 adoptions, which we would all consider a great adoption day.  However, one dog, a collie mix had no interest at all.  The thought of him having to go back to the pound was weighing on everyone’s mind.  He was an older gentleman, who had repeatedly gotten out of the fence and had been picked up before by the pound.  It seemed to me after spending some time with him that it was possible that he had some other issues going on, a large tumor on his belly, hot spots on his rear end that he had been digging at etc.  The sad part is that this poor senior had owners, he had a family, and they just never came for him.  So there he sat, alone and confused at the pound wondering what he did to deserve this outcome.  He had given someone the best years of his life to someone and now he was in danger of being killed because they didn’t want to pay for their irresponsibility that got him there in the first place.  Teddy (we called him) was a sweet boy who still had plenty of life in him.  He was a little stiff-legged and he needed a good bath, but he was a good dog.  He needed a miracle today and it never came.


The end of the day rolled around and Teddy got loaded back in the truck to head back to the pound.  Again, I’m sure he was scared and confused about his current predicament.  He was returned to the facility where he was euthanized upon arrival.  Now his body will be thrown in the land fill like trash.  He did not deserve this.  He deserved a nice soft bed and a bone to chew on.  Days spent laying in the sunshine and being spoiled and loved.  He deserved to die with dignity, after being loyal to a family all those years.  He deserved better!  He didn’t deserve to be surrounded by barking and death and sadness in his last hours, he deserved more.  He didn’t deserve to spend his last minutes in the hands of people who didn’t care about him or love him.  He deserved to live.  Run free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet boy!  I’ll see you there some day, and you can cross over with me.

This is why the No Kill Equation is the only solution.  For dogs like Teddy this would have been a chance at a new beginning, not the end of the road.  He shouldn’t have had to die this way.  The city of Columbus is spending YOUR tax dollars to do things like this!  Is that ok with you?  Is it ok to kill in the face of a life saving solution?  Is it ok to fund and facilitate the needless murder of companion animals because Mayor Tomlinson and the rest of the city council can’t simply understand that the Save-A-Pet program will never be the answer?  There are so many gaps in this program and they are not closing over time.  There is still no PET RETENTION PROGRAM!  Maybe if this was in place and the owners were contacted they could have found a way to keep their dog and get the impoundment fees figured out.  But there is no program!  Maybe if there was a proactive program such as this, the dog wouldn’t have been picked up but could have been returned to its owner by the officer with directives on how to prevent this boy from wandering off again!  But again, this doesn’t happen.  The only actively functioning facet of this program is the offsite adoptions, and these alone cannot save the animals from death.  Please join the No Kill Movement in our community.  There is so much work to be done.  We must be their voice!  We must get louder!  We must effect change in a broken system and no one said it would be easy, but it’s possible!  And all I need is POSSIBLE, and that’s all you should need too!

Teddy doesn’t have a chance to live out his golden years, he will be in the land fill with many, many more.  So please, stop being silent!  Email the Mayor, the City Council and let your voice be heard for dogs like Teddy.  He deserved better.  Visit to find out how you can get involved.  Stop making excuses and start making a difference!


22 responses to “No miracle for Teddy…just the landfill.

  • Toni Branaman

    This breaks my heart… I think we should stop killing these innocent animals…and PTS the evil in prisons that WE the PEOPLE pay to keep alive after they have murdered, molested and raped …let’s PTS them! Use that money we the people pay to good use keeping innocents ALIVE! Giving them a roof over their heads….4 squars a day…they would be very grateful. There is sooo much money spent therefor clothes, tolietress, cable in some places, 4 squares,food! A whole lot of animals could be saved! Just saying

  • Mary Fisher

    Teddy is just one of who knows how many die like this old, young. Does anyone value life anymore? So much abuse and abandonment. Thank you for writing about dear Teddy. At least the only thing he knew was he did get out and be loved on his last day. It is just too bad he could not go home with someone. So many things need to change it has to start somewhere. People have to step up and do what is right and know they are right and go for it. So many people do care about animals and they all need to stick together. People who don’t do rescues and help find homes etc. have no idea of what happens every day. They need to be educated. They should have pictures up where the people dump their dogs with all those flimsy excuses of what happens to the dog and make them aware of the odds of their dog finding a home and don’t sugar coat the truth. If they actually saw the dogs piled in a heap when they are dead and how they pile them on top of each other and just take out the trash. So Sad. It would make any dog owner really think about leaving their dog to die.Thanks for bringing attention to this today. Thanks for not letting Teddy die in vain just another dog in the pile. He had a name and a picture and a story and love on his last day. The volunteers so try to find them homes and go home and are sick for the ones who don’t. Bless you for your help today.

  • Linda Schroeder

    thank you Meg, for caring.

  • Raven

    Teddy didnt have to die. You Meg as well as others you are associated with could have saved him and found a place for him to go if you really cared. Instead you used him for your agenda. Great marketing strategy.

    • Meg Givans

      We worked all day trying to find a rescue or somewhere for him to go. The rescues are maxed out, I’m maxed out, and everyone I know is maxed out. This was not an agenda. These people try like hell every day to find refuge for these animals. He was the ONLY one returned to AC yesterday. I didn’t see you out there sweating and busting your ass calling rescues and changing water dishes and walking and cooling off dogs. I didn’t see your tears flowing when he was loaded back on the truck. Where were you? These things happen at this facility every single day, I wanted to tell his story so he did not die in vain. What have you done lately? Besides judge people that give up time and money out of their own pocket, and spend hours trying to save these animals? Please do tell….

    • Johanna Carmack

      This is for Raven. I have no idea who you are, but it’s obvious that you are only trying to hurt people. Why didn’t YOU make it down there and make sure that the only dog not adopted would be rescued??? Where were you during this time? Who are you to even suggest such a STUPID thing! You have NO RIGHT to say anything to anyone if you are not out there helping and busting your butt too! Next Saturday, why don’t you, Raven, go to the offsite and work REALLY hard to try and find adopters for all these pets! Then, and only then, can you judge anyone else… And remember, you also will be judged!

    • Diane Dekle

      Raven, you are the reason these beautiful animals die. You spew your venom and sit back and laugh. If you can’t do your part, then, don’t badmouth the wonderful individuals who are busting their butts to help.

  • Laura

    Meg I agree the volunteers worked hard and i am the one that adopted what they called a chihuahua but isn’t but can you tell me if teddy is the only dog that was PTS? I want to know if the owner surrender long haired chihuahua covered in fleas was PTS. We need to all come together to fix animals, microchip and get no kill shelters. Btw it was too hot to have those dogs on the pavement walking them around. Their paws do burn. I checked the pavement with my hand and it was HOT. I don’t want to argue I just want to know about that other chihuahua.

  • nanci

    SO, this blogger could not be a foster for Teddy? She wants to make everyone else feel badly when SHE was the only one with the means and access to save this dog? THAT stinks!

    • Meg Givans

      I am the Blogger, I am full to capacity. We tried every rescue, and were out the with him for hours. I along with the other volunteers did everything we could do. We were notified that whatever dogs were brought back from the event would be killed. The only one left yesterday was Teddy. We tried everything. All the rescues are full, all of the individual fosters are full, we had no one step up. Do not be confused!

  • Cindy

    Very sad situation. Meg, thank you and the other volunteers for all of your efforts. I’m sure you all did what you could to help. It is certainly unrealistic for some of these people to expect you and the volunteers to save every animal by yourselves. I appreciate what you do. We are actually adopting one tomorrow from animal control. Tomorrow is its adoptable date, so it was not at the offsite event.

  • Brenda Steele

    Raven, I can assure you that no one EVER sacrifices a life for an agenda! Your comment was unfounded and down right rude! You have no idea the effort that goes into Animal Rescue! Those that actually CARE could not take this dog because they’ve already pledged to save the lives of others, previous to Teddy! In Columbus, you are only allowed 5 animals at one given time unless you are a licensed Rescue. Again those that CARE are at that limit, often they take in not only the homeless but the injuried and ailing! Are you suggesting breaking the law?
    How many animals have you saved? Where were you on Saturday? Have you spent hours in the Georgia heat, trying to get animals adopted? Would YOU have sat down there on a 100 degree day and helped keep the animals hydrated and cool? All of this for FREE btw. FREE, these people are paid NOTHING. They give up their entire Saturday, EVERY Saturday, and instead PAY with their own tears! When they cannot save an animal they are heartbroken and crestfallen. Sadly their hearts break often! The whole point of this blog was to point out that it doesn’t have to be this way! If the No Kill Equation were implemented then there would be fewer tears and Teddy would NOT have been killed yesterday! WHY? Because he wouldn’t have had so little time to find his family!

    As for you Nanci
    You obviously missed the point of the entire blog. It wasn’t written to give anyone a guilt trip. It was written to inform the public that there doesn’t have to be more Teddy’s in the future!

    PEOPLE, please remove your heads from your asses…..
    That is all!

    • Eddie M James

      Raven, my daughter currently has 4 dogs and would have 5 but her beloved Moxie died a few months ago from cancer and most likely other complications from living on the streets. She is one of the same group of volunteers who show up EVERY Saturday, regardless of weather, to try to find the animals a home., water, walk, feed, and clean up poop. Volunteers cry every week because they have to take animals back to certain death. And where are you when this is happening? Most likely sitting on your fat ass in air conditioning spewing your venom! You need to shut the hell up until you know what you are talking about. And incidentally, marketing is my profession and you don’t know shit about it!

      Nanci, obviously you don’t know the blogger or your nasty comments wouldn’t have been made. She has fostered more animals than you can count, including one that has been returned 3 times for various reasons…mostly by adopters who think its a noble idea until they realize owning a pet is a grown-up responsibility. So here’s an idea – YOU go adopt him and free up space for the blogger to take on the responsibility of another lost soul failed by humans…now THAT’S what stinks!

    • Johanna Carmack

      So totally agree with you Brenda!

  • Johanna Carmack

    I would like to see Raven and Nanci out at the adoption events for the next few weeks HELPING to find adopters, HELPING to walk the dogs, HELPING ESPECIALLY to care for the dogs (including cleaning up poop) I seriously don’t think they have what it takes to be able to do this. Otherwise they WOULD be out there helping… I also have 5 dogs and regularly doggy sit a couple of others. All are large dogs…. three have come to live with me in the past year because I refused to let them die. They are all special, but I cannot afford taking on another dog, nor would it be fair to the others… Raven and Nanci, you two need to see what goes on and seriously get a life. Stop your rudeness and get your butts off the sofa, out from in front of the tv or computer, out of the air conditioning, and HELP!!!!!!!!! People like you two are not helping this world one little bit!

  • Kelly James

    ThIs is for the two asshats (Nanci and Raven) who commented about why this sweet soul couldn’t be saved by either the blogger or one of the volunteers. I am one of the volunteers who since January has given up every single Saturday for 8-10 hours. I have stood in rain, 100+ degree temps, had blisters on my feet, and put blood, sweat, and tears into saving these animals from death. I am interested to know how many animals have you rescued, adopted, sponsored, or transported from our Columbus animal control? How many offsite adoptions have you hosted for us? How many current fosters do you have in your home from Columbus animal control? How many times have you had to call rescues begging them to take the “leftovers” from a offsite only to be told through tears that there is no room? How many sweet souls have you had to load into you car, drive back to the shelter, and place in a holding run to wait to be killed all the while why you sit on the floor holding them sobbing uncontrolably? ZERO! So until you have walked even one hour in any of the volunteers shoes or the bloggers shoes who is also full to capacity with fosters and has saved more animals than you have probably ever seen then I would like to politely ask you to SHUT THE F$CK UP! If you aren’t gonna be part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

    • Johanna Carmack

      Very well said, Kelly! Yet I see that these two AssHats have not responded since their first dumb comments were made. What’s up kids? Did we hit the nail on the head??? Hit a nerve??? Pretty obvious we are right since neither of you have bothered to say that we are NOT!

  • De LaFreniere

    People who work hard (and they DO work hard) to find homes, rescues and fosters are Animal Angels. Does anyone know how hard it is to be with an animal and know it still doesn’t have a place to go other than back to the shelter and to maybe PTS??? I myself have a Poodle/Maltese who was rescued from a disgusting puppy mill and 4 cats left from my original 9. I love each and every one of them and bless that fact that they live with me and love me.
    I do fund raising for animal rescue groups using my Skin Care business to help out. To the 2 disgusting loudmouths with nothing more to do than just that ~ nothing ~ get up close and personal and put your money where your big mouths are. Donate so there will be more foster homes and rescue organizations!!! These people work hard at what they do and they do it for the animals!!!

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