Save A Pet didn’t save her either…big surprise.

Meet Pepsi, formerly Tag # 262, who is now safe and in the hands of a very caring person who could see that her life had value.  Pepsi came to Animal Control in Columbus, GA, just another pit bull, neglected, starved, with a mangy coat and a floppy ear.  She was one of the ones that gets passed by when someone goes to look for a new dog.  You could tell she needed some work.  Save “A” Pet wouldn’t be saving this girl.  She wasn’t a “highly adoptable dog”, but someone cared enough to take a short video of her and post it on Facebook last night and “share” it around.  I had posted about her in my prior blog hoping someone would reach out and offer to help, because her chances of making it out were looking quite grim.  She was adoptable on May 24th and a rescue called and offered a last resort, but they were at capacity so it would be a stretch.

When you want to do something you find a way to do it.  Someone will help if you ask!  So everyone started asking.  A fellow animal lover in the community, the same volunteer who was FIRED from her position as Offsite Coordinator, saw Tag #262 and couldn’t leave her there.  She, not Save “A” Pet, stepped up to help an animal in need.  Keep in mind that she was picked up as a stray and has been there for 5 days, and has had NO MEDICAL TREATMENT, even though it’s quite obvious she had been starved, which comes with all kinds of health issues that need to be addressed.  This is not a dog you can just give a bowl of food and hope for the best.  This kind of rehabilitation takes  money, time, care, and it takes love.  Even though it would be a challenge SHE STEPPED UP TO THE PLATE WHEN IT MATTERED!  Pepsi matters, she’s not “just a dog” she’s a life, she’s a living breathing creature that is deserving of kindness, respect and LOVE!  These animals are savable.  But it’s not going to happen with the Save “A” Pet program.  These animals are leaving the building alive because of volunteers, animal rescuers, and the people in this community and other communities that are all HELPING!  So why can’t Animal Control help?  Why do they still refuse to simply do what is laid out in the program designed by our city leaders and launched in September of last year?  The answer is simple.  The have made their intentions clear in the last few days with their refusal to sign the pledge to stop killing for Just One Day, June 11.  It’s truly sad when the opportunity for them to pave the way for other communities in Georgia is right before their eyes,  and still they refuse to even TRY!  They keep saying they’re doing something, but the reality is that they are not choosing anything different.  The status quo is not enough.  Pepsi and all the other animals deserve better.  The is something fundamentally wrong with killing for the sake of killing, when there is another way that has proven to be successful in a growing number of No Kill Communities around the United States and around the world.  Saving “A” Pet is simply not good enough. Pepsi needs your help, just like so many others.  She is safe, but others will die tomorrow.  The shelter is full and until they decide to implement the No Kill Equation and ALL IT’S PARTS, animals will continue to die and dogs like Pepsi will end up in a trash bag heading to the landfill.  Please consider supporting No Kill Columbus GA.  Get involved, do something that matters.  We only have this one life to live, and so do they, so go make a difference.  Without us they will continue to end the lives of so many.  They all matter, they all have value, they all deserve to be saved, so help us save them!  Please take the the time to click on the following links below to learn more about how you can make a difference. WHY NOT HERE?  WHY NOT NOW?

To donate to Pepsi’s vet care please visit her chip in site.

To find out how you can help visit No Kill Columbus GA and make a difference!

Join the movement to a No Kill Community in Columbus GA by making your voices heard!



One response to “Save A Pet didn’t save her either…big surprise.

  • Dee Green

    BRAVO! PETA would have immediately killed this dog; they are NOT pro-life. To me, if the Mayor is taking advice from PETA, then it must mean she is not pro-life either??.

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