^^NOTHING HAS CHANGED, the needless killing continues! ^^


This was Lexie.  She was brought in to Columbus Animal Control three days ago.  She was taken to an offsite adoption over the weekend but wasn’t adopted.  So she had to go back.  Through the volunteers that tirelessly network these animals for a home, a home was found.  She missed contacting the shelter by 10 minutes on Saturday after she saw the post.  So she emailed, and left messages for them and made every effort possible to let them know she would be there to get her when the doors opened at 12 noon on Monday.  In the meantime she went out and bought a leash and collar and toys for her.  Too bad they didn’t check their messages and killed her this weekend.  THEY NEVER CHECKED THE MESSAGES BEFORE THEY KILLED THIS PUPPY!!!!!  This puppy died because no one working there cared enough to check their messaged to see if this poor girl had someone coming for her, WHICH SHE DID!!!!!

This is just more proof that the SAVE A PET program has changed absolutely nothing.  This  puppy died because this facility simply doesn’t care enough to do things differently!  Mayor Tomlinson your program is a joke and it’s not even being implemented as you said it would be.  This PUPPY was already fixed and microchipped.  Her adoption fee was only $25 and she was still killed with an adopter waiting for her.  I’m sure when confronted they will say they never got the message, or they never got the email, which I know to be completely and totally false, as this is not the first time that this has happened to a family that was heading to this facility to adopt an animal.  One woman was only given 10 minutes to get there before they killed a tiny kitten they knew she was coming to get.

Columbus, this is completely UNACCEPTABLE!  How can the Mayor, City Council, or anyone at this facility claim that things are better?  Everything still remains the same.  Nothing has changed.  The only reason adoptions are increasing is because of the tireless effort of the animal lovers and volunteers that continue to network these animals and get them out to the adoption events.  Nothing on the part of the city or the Save A Pet program has had any impact on this community except to confuse the public and lead them to believe that they are a No Kill Facility (which they are NOT) and to lead people to believe that they actually care about the animals that are in their “care”.

We need to get louder!  We need the NO KILL EQUATION implemented as they said they would in the meeting attended by the Mayor herself.  We will not and should not accept anything less than saving every animal that can be saved.  Cats are still being killed for things like a completely treatable Upper Respiratory Infection, which anywhere else would not equal a death sentence.  Dogs and cats are being killed every single day, some of which have homes and owners looking for them.  There are two dogs there right now that have owners looking for them and microchips and no one has contacted them at all.  They are new to the area and very upset that they will now not be able to get their dogs back for at least 2 days because the facility is closed.  No one called them, they probably weren’t even scanned for a microchip.  So please tell me in the world of responsible pet ownership, how is it that we have our pets microchipped in case they are lost and then the facility holding them doesn’t even bother to call the owner or scan for a microchip???

There is something very wrong with this picture.  They are lying, and misleading the public.     How would you feel if your dog/cat got loose and had a microchip and you didn’t know where to look.  What if you were on a 10 day vacation???  They would only hold your dog/cat for 5 days and then they could kill your pet if it’s not adopted.  This has happened before and continues to happen over and over regardless of the public outcry for change.  Something has got to change and the No Kill Equation is the only cost-effective life saving method that has been proven to work in numerous cities in the US and across the world.

Please send emails to the Mayor, City Council, and Animal Control’s director Drale Short and let them know that this has got to stop.  Support your local rescues and do something to help.  You can volunteer, sponsor, adopt, host events, share photos of the adoptable animals.  There is SOMETHING for everyone to do!  So DO IT!  Do it now, we need to make them STOP THE KILLING!!!!  Support No Kill Columbus, attend the next meeting, take a stand and be the voice for the voiceless!  They are all counting on us!

24 responses to “^^NOTHING HAS CHANGED, the needless killing continues! ^^

  • Pamela Tubbs

    E-mails sent! There are simply no excuses that justify a mistake like this.

  • Ali Hector

    There is proof that AC received the call.

  • Shannon

    Damn..she has someone to take her and there are older dogs that have been there longer…I am SICK!! Why???? I don’t want any of them to die but a 6month old puppy – come on!! And she had a home – few more hours ..damn.

  • Karen M.

    You are right!! This is senseless on the part of Animal Control….I say fire everyone there if they do not care about the animals and let someone else run it that does care!! Come on Mayor….do your part and what you promised during your campaign.

  • Tina Fulford

    Email sent to Mayor Tomlinson with a copy of this article. RIP Lexie.

  • Victoria

    A friend of mine’s two dogs got out of her backyard a while ago and animal control piked them up. They BOTH had microchips and NO ONE called her!! That is rediculous!! It should be policy to scan for a chip first! Lucily she got her dogs back but what if it had been too late?

  • Caitlyn Townsend

    UPDATE ON LEXIE (Dog who was killed while having an adopter waiting):
    Kat Poteat
    Just wanted to share an update. I received a response to my email to the Mayor about the situation with Lexie. I simply relayed information about her being put to sleep before messages were checked and asked her why animal control employees failed to do that…and I told her I thought that was completely inexcusable. …I would think she’d want to speak to the woman wanting to adopt Lexie….

    Katherine – This is a lie, or some one will be fired. We have a very strict policies that all email, voicemail and FB contacts are to be checked. We take this very seriously, so know that you will be contacted for an interview.

    Teresa Pike Tomlinson
    Columbus Consolidated Government

    • Caitlyn Townsend

      Mayor automatically calls this a LIE… Does this surprise you?

      • Meg Givans

        This is no shock. I love how she mentions they take comments on FB and phone calls, emails, etc. very seriously but you can’t even leave a comment on their Facebook page b/c they have blocked nearly everyone from doing so. This is another reason why No Kill Columbus must keep pushing forward to make them stop killing healthy adoptable animals and breaking the hearts of the citizens and volunteers who are working so hard to save them!

    • Meg Givans

      Her first response to anything is to call us liars. This is fact, not fiction and it has happened on more than this occasion. I personally wanted to pull a dog back in August that was Owner Surrendered and had someone waiting there when they opened only to find out that they had killed him at 9:00 am and they opened the doors at 10:00 am, knowing good and well he was being picked up that day, his name was Sammy (pit bull, of course). And of course they said they never got the emails and messages, no one wants to man up and say they messed up.
      Was I lying about the micro-chipped boxer that sat there for days without being scanned only to be recognized by the person that saved him from death once before? Am I lying about the level of incompetence they have shown at every level? Please go back through my blogs and you will see that this is a pattern with this facility and they will do whatever they can to cover their own ass. It’s ridiculous. All of these situations are completely avoidable if they had people there that actually cared about the animals and not just taking home a paycheck.

    • Charlotte

      This is a lie? I guess all messages sent to the Mayor are lies. The lie is the fact that someone will be fired… She is so full of herself!

  • Valerie

    Inexcusable and all too common. In no other line of work is this level of incompetence/maliciousness tolerated.

  • marsha solton

    I am sick to my soul that humans don’t care…….just imagine if this were your child…….animals are someones child……animals are not second class citizens……it is up to us to take care of them and humans let them fall through the cracks every day….makes me absolutely livid !

  • Sylvia Head

    Due to several encounters with the Columbus Animal “Care” and Control Center, I have learned to NEVER call their number and leave any messages!!! In fact, I was ADVISED by a former employee to call 911 instead and to leave a message with them instead… Why? Because ALL 911 calls ARE RECORDED making Animal Care and Control MORE accountable by providing a documented report of your calls!!!

  • Kelley and Lisa Smith

    This shows how much our Mayor and Animal Control really cares about god’s creatures or what tax paying citizens feel…I am very disappointed and ashamed.

  • Columbus Mayor Tomlinson says to stop killing would be harmful to animals! « buzzardnbigdog.com

    […] Why do they continue to refuse to implement the No Kill Equation? The No Kill Equation is the one and only system that has ever worked, and yet Columbus is so astoundingly progressive that they have come up with something better – the Save A Pet Program. It’s been SIX MONTHS since the launch of the Save-A-Pet Program, and in just this past week alone a Rottie and Chihuahua (a peculiar pair), both microchipped, sat at Animal Control for days. Their owners were AT Animal Control and left a description of their two missing dogs, but when they came in, they went unscanned and the owners were never contacted. Luckilly, once again, is was a good samaritan that called the owners (who posted a lost pet ad on Craigslist) and told them their dogs were there at Animal Control. One lab mix, Lexie, had an adopter that left messages saying she would be there the next morning, but Lexie was still killed because the staff failed to check their messages (Read more about that at Meg’s No Kill Columbus blog)! […]

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    • Meg Givans

      Thank you for taking notice and bringing an even bigger spotlight to the issues at hand. This is an ongoing struggle between the city and the people and any attention given to the subject is invaluable at this juncture.

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  • karenlyonskalmenson

    too many people
    too few have hearts
    so many lives
    sadly torn apart

  • Pamala McBrayer

    Well, I guess it is time to go to the press and plan to vote against everyone you see that is involved with this in the next local election. Clean house, hold up Lexie’s picture and TELL THEM WHY they no longer have a job!

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