How could you? Did you even try?


How could you look at that face and end his life?  This was Rocky, a 6 month old pit bull type mix.  6 months old!!!!  This is the face of the dog your tax dollars murdered! He was killed because someone saw a cute puppy, took him home and when he got too strong and too active, as the dogs tend to do, just like ANY DOG HIS AGE, his “owner” and I use that word very loosely posted him on a rehoming/lost/found pet page on Facebook.

After posting him and asking for assistance in rehoming him,  volunteers and concerned citizens rallied but needed more time to network this dog.  It’s summertime in the south and shelters are slammed full of dogs, cats and other critters. She gave rescuers and volunteers no time to try and secure him a safe place to go.  Instead she walked him through the doors of animal control and surrendered him.

So many things are wrong, just up to this point.  I have fostered and rescued many many dogs and cats.  Homes do not pop up over night, and while your decision to get the dog may have been impulsive, you also have a responsibility to that animal YOU BROUGHT HOME!  The responsibility to that animal is for its LIFETIME! Not until you decide they are too much work, too inconvenient, etc.  My life has been far from convenient for the last few years, but I would be damned if I would part with any of my animals that I took on.  My cat is 23 years old.  Do you think for a second she hasn’t posed a bit of an inconvenience at some point in the last 23 years?!?  Of course she has.  But did I abandon her at a shelter, no she is sitting here with me as I furiously type this blog post, snoozing away!

This boy deserved a chance.  Not only a chance to live but a chance to be a “good dog” an ambassador for his breed! A dog that could have made a difference, had someone only given him the opportunity to learn some manners and provided him with exercise to stimulate his puppy mind!?!?  Good dogs don’t just happen.  They are a product of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to that animal to the end. My three did not just show up as good dogs, I worked WITH them, FOR them!

The other part of this problem is the broken sheltering system in this state and in our nation.  It is one that still uses methods like heart stick euthanasia, and gas chambers as suitable methods of execution for your family pets that got to be too much trouble.  If you’re not sure of what I’m saying,  google for yourself. This system has got to change and I have been blogging and rescuing and involved in this process since 2009. I have been rescuing my whole life but until I moved to the south I never knew what a huge problem we have and how extensive the rehabilitation and revamping needs to be.  The director of these open admission public shelters needs to be someone who actually CARES about the animals.  Trying to repair a broken system with someone who could care less is an even bigger obstacle for the rescuers who are already saving as many lives as they can.  It is a battle that we in this community have been fighting for years and we cannot win it alone.  We need a director with not just compassion, but a passion for saving these precious souls.  That is the first step!

Now,  onto the recent influx of senior dogs at animal control.   Meet Jack and Lucky.  They have given a lifetime of live to whatever awful humans have minimally cared for them all of these years,  only to be left to die in this place. Make no mistake they will not get the dignified passing of a beloved family pet.  They will get a cold hard table and an injection from a complete stranger who is paid to kill with YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  This is what’s in store for these two if they are not rescued.  This facility just killed Rocky, they will not think twice about ending these two lives either.

These dogs deserve better.  They deserve to be sent to the bridge with love and dignity after the lifetime of live they have given.  Shame on you,  Columbus.  Shame on you.  You could have held Rocky in a portable kennel for a couple days, you could have doubled up dogs in runs, or used some empty office space.  There are ways to save them all, you just have to WANT TO!

It’s time for people to start being held accountable for their actions.  There is no reason to kill when other options are there.  How man rescues were contacted about him!?! Was it just local rescues? Did you reach out at all? Did you even try to save his life?!? No, it was easier to kill a puppy than try to find another unwanted pet a safe, loving home.  There is a BETTER way, but the city of Columbus will not hear of it.

If you can offer a safe place for these two seniors please contact Columbus GA Animal Control or go get them before it’s too late.  Their time and space is limited.  Please don’t let them end up in the ladfill like Rocky.


Precious Penny’s Merry Christmas

  Penny’s story starts with an ad on Craigslist in the pet section.  I try to keep up with the animals posted through rescue on the site as well as lost or missing pets.  I was scrolling through on my lunch break Friday afternoon and I saw an ad for a female Doberman that was recently added to the listings.  The picture listed with her spoke volumes.  I stared at her in the sad little corner of the muddy dog pen with the plastic kennel, and saw the eye I learned to look for a long time ago in my horses, the kind eye.  It was cold and getting colder as I left work for the day with the sad little shivering Doberman burned in my brain. By the time I got home I showed my kids her picture.  They are a part of every decision we make to rescue an animal.  They know it’s extra work and extra rules to remember, more poop scooping and reinforcing good behaviors that we want to see.  Both were on board so then I had to figure out what to do.  With Christmas this close funds were even more limited than usual and he was asking $150 for this sad little dog.  I finally got him to agree on $60 if I could pick her up that evening. I knew she was sad, but I didn’t know she was in such rough shape.  When the Cadillac Escalade pulled up and this confused little bag of bones came pulling along nearly choking herself I knew I had made the right decision.  She was just so painfully skinny. He told me she was 16 months and had a litter of puppies already.  I kept the small talk to a minimum and swapped the leash for the $60 in cash and left as fast as I could.  She hopped right in and off we went. The smell permeated every crevice of my car and when we got home she got 3 good baths to get rid of the stench and the dirt.   

 She ate a good meal and then a second.  She slept the peaceful sound sleep of that first safe night in a warm bed. Probably the first time she was ever shown that kind of comfort.  She has seen the vet and will be spayed as soon as she is a bit heavier and healthier.    

She has settled down and is acclimating well to house living.  She is smart, and funny, and such a gentle spirit.  She has so much love to give and she is so willing to learn.  And to think she was stuck in a 10×10 dog run with no one to pay attention to her or love her breaks my heart.  
But my heart isn’t hers.  Hers is a resilient, loving and happy heart that lives in the moment and knows she is loved today.  Her life before is just that, and she is only looking forward to brighter happier times from now on.  
Penny will have a Merry Christmas
and we wish you one too!  Please adopt, foster, donate, share, whatever you can do, just DO SOMETHING! 

Ceasar’s journey

No Kill Georgia

Saturday October 11, 2014
It was a lazy Saturday afternoon around here with the girls and the fur kids. We had been watching Netflix and eating pizza. I laid down and took one of those 20 minute naps, and my phone went off next to the bed. Someone had tagged me in a very disturbing post. I read it and then I read it again, just to be certain I wasn’t in that half-sleep and misunderstanding. The post was about a Great Dane, which if anyone of you know me, know for certain that they are my soft spot. The disturbing news was that he was deaf and blind, and that he had been dumped at an offsite adoption event with a local rescue who was not in a position to take care of his medical needs or or to be able to house him. They didn’t turn him away…

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